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working groups general information


Arts & Culture

Contact:   Phone: 1-864-832-7875

Meetings: Arts & Culture Working Group 6pm @ Northwest Corner of Park


Art & Culture 2



Education & Empowerment

Inviting Community Activists and Academics for daily open forums @ 6pm. Everyone is encouraged to invite speakers!

Contact:  Phone: 1-410-294-7477

Meetings:  Empowerment & Education Planning Meeting - Tuesdays @ 8:30pm

Daily Open Forums @ 6pm

Occupy TV NY

Group of Videographers and Video Editors (pro). Skills req: Videographer / Own Video Camera



Nick @ Night (Tobacco Station)

We keep the people calm by rolling them tobacco and making everyone smile.


Location: South Side of Zuccotti Park, near Medical and Comfort.


Safer Space Committee

Working for respect of women, LGBTQ, & POC, Rape victim advocates, queers encouraged to come!


Meeting: Safer Space Group Meeting - 10pm or after GA, near Halal Cart on Cedar


Political and Electoral Reform Working Group

Devoted to brainstorming recommendations for political and electoral reform.


Meeting: Political & Electoral Reform Daily Meeting - 6pm in front of the People’s Library


Graphic Design

Graphic design, fliers, map, signage, posters etc.  New members will be accepted starting October 16th. Please send an email if you would like to learn more or join earlier.


Meeting: Sunday Afternoons (Contact for more details)


Occupy Wall Street People’s Library

We organize the library! New librarians, ideas, books & resources welcome!



Location: Visit us in the North East corner of Liberty Plaza


The Occupy Wall Street Archives

Documenting the historic activities and events of Occupy Wall Street & Liberty Plaza through archiving video, audio, fliers and signs.


  Meeting: Archive coordination Meeting - Wednesdays at 8pm @ The People’s Library



We Feed the Occupiers!


Meeting: Kitchen Lunch - 11am @ Kitchen

Kitchen Dinner / Night Shift - 4pm @ Kitchen



Facilitation of the democratic process in the General Assembly & Direct Democracy Training Contact:, , Phone: Daniel Depaola: 504-846-7058

Meetings: Facilitation Meeting - 4pm @ Meet at South side of Plaza, then offsite *** Direct Democracy Training - 5:30pm Daily



Skill workshops & videos. Topics include: Sewing, Polyamory, Horticulture, Anti-Opression, Breaking

Gender Binary Consensus. Starts Friday, Meetings TBA



Public Relations

Press relations, training people to speak to media


Meeting: PR Working Group: 3:30pm @ Press Table under Welcome Table East


Sanitation Working Group

We clean up the park and keep spaces free from clutter. Look for people with green arm bands

Contact: Dilinga -



Security and De-escalation.

Contact:   Meeting: Security Meeting - 12pm (almost Daily) @ Media Center


Accountability & Transparency

We ensure transparency within & among working groups, GA, and Occupation.

Contact:  Phone: Daniel Depaola: 504-846-7058

Meeting: A&T Meeting - 6pm Daily @ Sitting Man Statue, then head off site


Direct Action

Primarily plans marches / march guidelines and create other direct actions.


Meeting: DA Daily Meeting - 2pm M-Fri @ Triangular cement park at Trinity & Edgar



Reaching out to local people, communities, groups & organizations to help grow the OWS movement. We raise awareness and support. Outreach is looking for neighborhood coordinators in communities across Manhattan & Boroughs


Meeting: Outreach Working Group - 5pm Daily @ Outreach Table


Occupy Wall Street Journal



Information / Front Desk

We are the Info hub, with four tables providing guidance and orientation in Liberty Plaza.



Alternative Banking

Purpose: to explore and, if possible, establish alternative banking systems, that might replace the current system  this will be a very practical, outcome-oriented group. I am particularly interested in hearing from those with skills and experience in banking and finance                   discussion will be online in the first instance, in person meetings also possible

Contact: Carne Ross;


Community Relations

Working with local businesses, residents and workers - we are their neighbors.

Contact: Justin -


Labor Support / Outreach



Outreach - NYC Universities

Outreach to local Universities and Student Gov.



People of Color Working Group

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