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Online direct action for the ladies #ows #occupy @jensacks77

From the genius @jensacks77

Jezebel has made the world aware of a flood of vagina-related messages being posted on state legislators’ walls in states where male reps are getting up in our ladybiz. Here’s the post:

Most of the messages get taken down, but here are some that got screengrabbed on Daily Kos:

Other states to look at: 

Arizona: Republican Debbie Lesko of the Senate Judiciary Committee, whose “You’ll be fired for taking The Pill” bill was passed yesterday . Here’s her FB page. Lesko states, with a straight face, that this bill is necessary because “we live in America; we don’t live in the Soviet Union.” Deface away. 

Texas: Wayne Christian, a Republican state representative who voted for closing all those PP clinics in Texas, cutting off cancer screenings and pap smears to 400,000 women, even though those PP locations do not offer abortions. Christian admits the TX legislature “kind of blend being anti-abortion with being anti-Planned Parenthood.” Thanks, Wayne, but that’s not very Christian! Here’s his FB page

Also, Romney promised to cut Planned Parenthood. Good luck defacing his FB page.

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72 hours of hell…

South Dakota government, you suck. Hands down. How dare you demean women and treat them like children by requiring a 72 hour wait period before allowing them to have an abortion. Like a woman dealing with an unplanned and unwanted pregnancy needs anymore time to think about her situation.

When my friend had an abortion, she first put off thinking about the pregnancy for a full week until the constant morning sickness kicked in and then EVERY LIVING MOMENT WAS DEDICATED TO THINKING ABOUT THE ALIEN BEING IN HER WOMB.

Do you really want there to be less terminated pregnancies? Invest in childcare. I can tell you from my my friend’s experience that if she had been able to see anyway to have a newborn on her own and be able to pay rent and continue to go to college, she would have done it. The moment of pregnancy, wanted/unwanted/successful/unsuccessful reaches into the root of being a woman. Regardless the circumstances and the result, women are consumed with pregnancy during every moment that they are, or trying to become, pregnant.

You have never seen someone obsess over something until you have witnessed a pregnant woman, or hormonal woman obsess, I assure you.

The approach of trying to make abortion services illegal or too difficult to obtain is clearly not about the children, if it were about children you would be putting your efforts towards what? Oh yes… CHILDCARE.

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